ICDBT 2013 Presentations

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Eco-Driver training in a bus Simulator: Experiences from an Evaluation Study in Germany

Evaluation of visual overtaking distance using a drivers' psycho-emotional response

Driver Behaviour Improvement Through Monitoring and Incentives

Cognitive distractions and their relationship with the driver

Controlling for Self-reported Exposure in Traffic Accident Prediction Studies

Driving as the Simultaneous Pursuit of Multiple Goals

Effects of Driving Goals on Driving Behaviour

Decisions to Overtake are Affected by Implicit Learning of the Performance of the Car

Improvement of driving behaviour by hazard detection training

Predicting Novice Drivers Driving Style: The Role of Self-Evaluation and Instructors’ Ratings Following Driver Training

Psychometric risk assessment of young, learner drivers: Can we modify future behaviour?

Online Learner Driver Feedback Using On-Board Telematics

Online Effectiveness evaluation of simulator-based training for potential drivers

An innovative system for novice driver accompanying monitoring

Where Do Driver Behaviour Telemetry Systems Fit in to the Risk Management Process for Commercial Motor Fleets?

Driving Skill Differences between Experienced and Inexperienced Drivers in Unexpected Driving Situations

Feeling of Risk as a Determinant of Driving Behaviour: A Simulator Study

Use of technology in Shell to improve road safety

Developing a Competence-oriented Orientation Framework as the First Step Towards Coordinated Traffic Education in Switzerland

Development of Anticipation In Relation To Driving Skill In A Route Learning Experiment In A Driving Simulator

Anticipation as a Main Principle of Brain Function and Mastering of Driving Skills

Emotion Regulation of car drivers by physical and psychological parameters of music

Testing an intervention encouraging self-regulation in drivers across the lifespan

Fatigue effects on simulator driving in older and younger adults

Self-reported aberrant behaviour on roads in a sample of Czech drivers